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Xiangling Build Guide - Genshin.gg

Pyro Support Build Xiangling is one of the strongest Sub DPS characters in the game if played in a Melt composition thanks to the scaling and power of her Elemental Burst. Weapon

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Builds. CRIT DMG. HP increased by 20/25/30/35/40%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 08/1/12/14/16.% of the wielder's Max HP. When the wielder's HP ... Energy Recharge. Energy Recharge. CRIT Rate. CRIT Rate.

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Xiangling Best Build, Team Comp & Weapon | Genshin Impact ...

Character Build Forum; Xiangling Best Team Best Party For Xiangling . Xiangling is a great Pyro DPS that deals quick Physical DMG to enemies. She is a flexible DPS that can be an Elemental or Physical DPS. This team supports both of those capabilities.

Xiangling Build, Weapons, & Artifacts | Genshin Impact ...

Best Build For Xiangling Best Pyro Support Build. This build focuses on enhance Xiangling Pyro DMG and Reduce skill time. You can swap between these weapons and artifacts base on type of damage you want.

Genshin Impact Xiangling: Talent, Build and Team Comp Guide

Build. This guide will include 2 builds. Physical Xiangling does not match up to Pyro Xiangling, but it’s a fun way to fight. Weapon. Best in Slot: Staff of Homa (pyro)/ Crescent Pike (Phys) F2P: R5 The catch (Pyro) The catch at R5 actually beats out most weapons, 5-stars included. Physical.

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Genshin Impact Xiangling build: Example set ups . Xiangling is best suited to the Support class, but she can be built as a DPS fighter too, so you'll find suggestions for both here.

Xiangling Support and Physical DPS Build Guide - Genshin DB

Xiangling Support and Physical DPS Build Guide. Xiangling is 4 star pyro polearm wielder who can act as main dps (physical dps) and pyro support/ pyro dps (prioritizing her elemental burst). She is top tier character and can be obtained for free by clearing Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss.

Xiangling Rating and Best Builds | Genshin Impact|Game8

Xiangling is a 4-star Pyro Polearm character in Genshin Impact. Learn about Xiangling's stats, strengths and weaknesses, Japanese voice actor, best weapon and builds, and our rating of the character in this complete profile!